The Best Japanese Album EVER?

July 20, 2007 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Indie Rock, Quruli | Leave a comment

The World Is Mine - Quruli

When I saw my friend had The World Is Mine by Quruli with him during printmaking class earlier this year, I asked him if I could borrow it (I lent him a Fujifabric and Sparta Locals CD in exchange). I had been meaning to listen to Quruli for the past year but never got to it because I thought they were a nationalist rock band (“Go Back To China” sounds a bit nationalist to me). But boy was this a great album!

For the past few months I’ve been listening to it non-stop. Except for the occasional break to listen to the Mama Matter EP by Mothercoat and Bloc Party’s self-titled EP, I’ve only been listening to this.

It has the solid alternative rock songs like “Go Back to China”, “Thank You Mu Girl”, and “Suichuu Motor”. It has the dance songs like “World’s End Supernova”, “Buttersand Pianorgan”, and the Cornelius-like “Mind the Gap”. It has the nice ambient pop songs like “Hoshi no Suna”, “Pearl River”, and “Amadeus”. And it has the deep, slow pop rock songs like “Shizuka no Ami” and “Army”.

 The World Is Mine is one of the most diverse albums I’ve ever heard in my life. Quruli were pushing into different boundaries with this album, not afraid of using electronics or sampling. This is one of the greatest albums ever made in Japan.


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