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I ended up not seeing Peelander-Z but instead I saw… BATTLES!!! Awesome Math Rock band, they were playing at South Street Seaport. They have some famous experimental musicians in it, guys from Helmet, Shellac, and Don Callabero. That was really my last day of summer. School has started. I’ll still be updating, but not that frequently, maybe every weekend. But here are some of my thoughts:

 – The Board of Ed is a fascist organization. They restrict some of our freedoms, and made my school add an 11th period to the day for some people. Mainly one day for lab, but I got stuck with it for 3 days a week! Two days for Physical Education! I better get on the football team, or as you Yanks like to call it, soccer.

 -Student militancy is awesome! Today we got the safety handbook that talks about the restriction of weapons. Fuck that, if I want to bring a 12-gauge to school, I will. 2nd ammendment right. Now I can fight the Board of Ed and their fascost minions known as the School Safety Officers.

 -Morons run Palestine. Long live George Habash and the PFLP!


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